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The 2020 

Kellen Classification

The wines of the Blaye: Côtes de Bordeaux and Côtes de Bourg appellations ranked into five growths. Growth one being the superior.

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The Côtes de Bourg appellation

Growth I

Château Roc De Cambes


Château Grand Maison

Château Gros Moulin

Château Falfas (Bio)

Château La Croix Davids

Château Mercier

Château Rousselle

Growth II


Château Le Clos Du Notaire

Château De La Grave

Château Caruel

Château Croûte Charlus

Château Nodoz

Château Tayac

Château La Grolet (Bio)

Château Poyanne

Château Rousset

Château Guerry

Growth III


Château Moulin Eyquem

Château Eyquem

Château Haut De Mille Secousses

Château La Croix Millorit

Château Lamothe

Château Les Cèdres

Château Grand Plantier

Château Les Hommes Cheval Blanc

Château La Grande Etouble (Bio)

Château Les Heaumes

Château Mendoce

Château Escalette

Château Grand Launay (Bio)

Growth IV

Château La Clotte Blanche

Château De Rider

Château Grand Jour

Château Brulesécaille

Château Fougas

Château Lamblin

Château Macay

Château Puybarbe

Clos De Cheval Blanc

Château Haut Macô

Domaine De Lucas

Château Montaigut

Château La Tuillière

Château Plaisance

Château Castel La Rose

Château Haut Mousseau

Château Vieux Plantier

Château Cavignac

Growth V


Château Lidonne

Château De Barde 

Château Laroche

Château De Taste

Château Guionne

Château Le Petit Puy

Château Joanna

Château Du Marquisat

Château Relais De La Poste

Château Sirac

Château De Monteberiot

Château De Rousselet

Château Tour Birol

Château Labadie

Château Belair Coubet

Château Les Tours Seguy (Bio)

Château Vieux Nodeau

Château De Barbe 

Château Sauman

Château Martinat

Château Lacouture

Château Tour Des Graves

Château La Tenotte

Château Bujan

Château Godineau

Blaye: Côtes de Bordeaux appellation

Growth I


Château Roland La Garde (Bio)

Château Peybonhomme Les Tours (Bio)

Château Bel Air La Royère

Château La Rose Bellevue

Château Les Jonqueyres

Château La Raz Caman

Château Des Tourtes

Growth II

Château Monconseil Gazin

Château Grand Barrail

Château Haut Vigneau

Château Haut Colombier (Bio)

Château Cassagne Boutet

Château Lagarde (Bio)

Château Berthenon

Château La Bretonnière

Château Pérenne

Château Haut Canteloup

Château La Botte

Château Les Bertrands

Château Les Pâques

Château Les Tour Gayet

Growth III

Château Chante Alouette

Château Puynard

Château Peymelon (Bio)

Château Cantinot

Château Frédignac (Bio)

Château Canteloup

Château Menaudat

Château Maison Neuve

Château Haut Bourcier

Château Terre Blanque (Bio)

Château Marquis De Vauban

Château De L’Espérance

Growth IV

Château Petit Boyer

Château Charron

Château Maine Tigreau

Château Chasserat

Château Siffle Merle

Domaine De Cassard

Château Nodot (Bio)

Château Le Taillou

Château Grillet Beauséjour

Château Le Chay

Château Chasseloup

Château Marinier

Château Mayne Guyon

Château Fombrion

Château Les Matards

Growth V

Château Mazerolles

Château Bertinerie

Château La Motte

Château Les Billauds

Château Ferthis

Château Tayat

Château Magdelaine Bouhou

Château Loumede David

Château Vieux Planty

Château La Parize

Château l'Abbaye

Château Morange

Château Segonzac

Château Pinet La Roquette

Château Le Cône

Château Corps De Loup

Château Haut Terrier

Château Les Petits Arnauds

Château Loumède

Château Grand Renard (Bio)

Declaration of interest

Bourg: Leslie Kellen, the author of the 2020 Kellen Classification, provides advice and contributions to Chateau Gros Moulin from time to time and is the purchaser of one of their limited quantity wines: "Je Suis" of which 1500 bottles are produced only in exceptional years.

Blaye: Leslie Kellen, the author of the 2020 Kellen Classification, is the godfather to the son of the owner of Château La Rose Bellevue; for 10 years he has tasted and helped revise their wines.

Leslie is also a shareholder at the vineyard Etalon Rouge in Blaye, and for this reason Etalon Rouge is not included in the 2020 growths.

To contact Leslie please email

kellenleslie @ yahoo . com



Bordeaux is one of the most extensively publicised wine regions in the world, yet, hidden in the North-West corner are two little known appellations that produce wine equally as exquisite as their illustrious neighbours, demonstrated time and again in blind tastings.

For the first time since the appellations were created, indeed for the first time since wine was first produced in the area by the Romans in the 2nd Century AD, a classification system has been founded, the Kellen Classification. This will promote the Bourg and Blaye regions to their rightful position as leaders in the production of French wine.

This classification is the first edition, and it will evolve along with the appellations themselves. The next revised edition will be in 2024 and a revision will take place every three years.


Press for the 2020 Kellen Classification

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The Author

Leslie Kellen, the author of the classification system, has worked in the wine trade for over 48 years. It took more than 20 years of research to produce the classification system. Leslie is a member of the jury in Bordeaux that awards gold, silver and bronze medals worldwide, including France. He and his wife Clarissa are the proprietors of Le Petite Wine Cave in Blaye and the vineyard Etalon Rouge.


To contact us

Leslie Kellen wine consultant

(+33) 06 62 76 22 72

Thanks for contacting. We will respond as soon as we can.

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